Year End Party 2014

Hanoi wait for the sun, waiting entangles,Tree soft downy wait remembered . Where we are - ITC word love does not surprise,Warm friendship, love gifts Bluebird "

   Spring knocking earth when half asleep, nestled in color blanket of winter frost. And today, everything was fun occasions in the boisterous atmosphere and full of sap of youth spring. A new start, to begin. In the moment of transfer of the sacred earth, the boisterous atmosphere to welcome the new year, we can feel, hear the shoots, seeds stirred shelling rays warm welcome after days of winter cold. Earth busy in the spring. Grass trees sprouting buds, flowers blooming petal ... Family Travel joyfully welcome ITC members gather for meetings and late in Hanoi 



                                                                                                      ITC fun family reunion

With ITC career inherent principles towards longevity. That period is not necessarily long, but well enough to each member of the family, we are told how his previous challenges. Looking back over the first year, each ITC has the right to be proud of what has been achieved 

 Step into a new journey with many opportunities and challenges, but the action slogan: "Unity - Partnership - discipline - Dynamic - Effect" and a management apparatus is suitable for consolidating model business, and with a strong belief in the future, ITC Travel is promising many new developments and breakthroughs in 2015. The team strength will be a springboard for further progress ..



                                                                       How hard, fun all the way down, play hard - ITC slogan Sales

With the achievements of today, it's time to travel ITC family rebranding and cultivate customer trust and abroad ... leadership the company has been day and night to find out new way to create an image ITC better days,On the history of the company has always had a formal memorandum corner of effort and dedication of all the members stick from the period dau..Ben addition, ITC also spread the door welcomes the new members and cultivate han  

At this moment, Spring has more pink and hearts of people more say in the joy of heaven and earth moi.Cai year and people are coming to and flourish in full joy. In the spring scenery, all as leash, which means reunion in tinh..Cung toast for soft lips, eyes sparkling, warm hearts to enjoy the joy Xuan Yi smell, to the direction of another between the deep grace .. Happy New Year !!



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