GRANT TO LOVE - The heavy spring gift of love

This is the share of the Deputy General Director of International Tourism Travel ITC new years eve.

I have experienced many seasons: spring, summer, autumn winter months each year long life. Summer windy to fly kites childhood dream. Autumn leaves flying through the rustling heard sobbing span of time, the prospect of human life purpose. East of air permeability of the soul, feeling understood cherish every moment of warmth. Spring to bring hope to renew faith and love for all people "


With the overall goal to bring the warmth of spring hand to those in difficult circumstances, lonely and helpless warm welcome Tet, sentimental, ITC Travel Missions Handicrafts made by Ms. Zheng brought chief under the present sense, practical awarded to 10 former female youth under former youth Society Dong Da District on 02.04.2015 . It's not just the high mountains, deep forests, where to place upstream, downstream Fatherland new piece of the plot twists, isolated .. Right in the heart of Hanoi also much of the plot twists, the destitute, loss, grief of a war, chaos still deeply imbedded in every face in the old soldier ..


                                                                         ITC Travel Leaders given gift of love for the former youth Dong Da District

Towards the 65th anniversary of the Young Volunteers Vietnam Vietnam in 1950 and welcomed the Lunar Hare Spring 2015 - International Travel Company ITC companion and coordination with former Youth Volunteers Association Dong Da interact with fellow veteran, former youth over time.
The meeting took place in the air with warm emotion and desire to share the love and contribute to a prosperous new year, a spring sweeter for missing people do practical things .this captures the spirit of mutual love and culture of ITC Travel.





















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